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Suck It Up


Afraid of the Light

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                               About [Ze]

   The adventures of ゼ[Ze] began in 2008 when Klassen (then involved with thrash metal band and Emergenza music festival finalists Skulldozer) decided to write on his own and pursue a solo project. He began writing demo songs that ranged from soft rock ballads to classic metal anthems and incorporated his academic studies of Japanese linguistics and human culture. Lyrical topics (in English and Japanese) began to surface from themes of life, rock music itself, love, partying, passion, and the human condition.

    Pete obtained a university degree in East Asian Language Studies at University of Calgary in Canada and Waseda University in Japan. He took extensive courses in East Asian history, society, and culture, as well as world music history and literature. He continues to carry out active cultural and linguistic exchange between Canada and Japan through music and other activities. He speaks functional Japanese and sometimes writes lyrics in Japanese as well.

   Fans of classic Heavy Metal and the various sub-genres of Rock N' Roll will find ゼ[Ze] to be a refreshing blend of modern heavy rock and classic metal sounds sure to get your motor running as soon as you fire up your music player of choice! !

ゼ[Ze] has lit up stages in Canada as well as Japan and been featured on:

 CJSW's Megawatt Mayhem Radio show in Calgary, AB, Canada
Vinland Radio podcast in Calgary, AB, Canada
Fairchild Multicultural Radio in Calgary, AB, Canada
Yukiko Tsutsui's Japanese Musiquest in BC, Canada
Metal Hard Radio by DJ Nicos in Tokyo, Japan

**Stay tuned for news, merchandise, downloads, and goodies from Canada's latest brand of underground rock!**

*Member Photos by Masatake Komine